Enhanced Learning and Teaching through utilization of web-based technologies

Found this great article on line written by Nader Jarmooz – and posted to e-Learning Industry April 17, 2014.

Article – Enhanced learning and teaching…

The article referenced a program that was created for Forth Valley College which focused on Project Management skills. What struck me about this article was its direct alignment to the structure of 3240 – the course content is managed through Moodle; the assignments, instructions, quizzes, and activities are centrally located through the software.  Th PM course included a forum, also on Moodle, for student collaboration and also two additional pieces of software: Blackboard for shared workspace and Mahara for management of individual e-portfolios.

Another point that struck a cord with me was the importance of aligning the learning content to learner specific goals and objectives. I have heard this statement so many times….”why do I need to learn this – I will never use it on the job”. This program gave the student an immediate tool in which to use in their day-to-day work as assignments were written in such a way that at the completion of the task the learner had a tangible tool that was in direct relation to what they were doing. The learner would be able to see an immediate return on investment and when dealing with adult learners, this type of ROI produces engagement.  As an adult learner, the last thing I want to do is waste my time.

This, to me, is well written and more importantly, well thought out e-learning content geared towards an adult learner.

One of the most useful and informative courses I have taken in this journey through the SIE was Curriculum Development. The tools that I learned in that class are put into use almost every day at my job as I design curriculum for various types of learners; there was an immediate ROI of my time and commitment that was tangible and in direct relation to what I do.

Podcast – Enhanced learning and teaching…


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