Emotions, Learning and Memory…oh my

So I’ve really been interested in how emotions, memory and learning are aligned. Been doing a lot of research in this area and most of my papers for this class seem to focus on this topic – that and serious games.

I’ve come across some great papers and this really interesting YouTube video that connects emotion to memory and recall.


Can you recall the major events in  your life and the emotional responses around them?

I certainly can. All the “biggies” – my wedding, my milestone birthdays, the death of my mom – all those memories come with associated and corresponding emotions.

What I would like to be able to do is to ensure my e-learning modules harness and tap into these emotions. This is where serious games come into play.

This voice in this link reminds me of War Games with Mathew Broderick lol but the point remains the same.


If e-learning can be written to incorporate serious gaming that stimulates an emotional response in the learner that helps the learner recall lesson – then the objective will have been reached.


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