Remembering how to…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything to this blog and need to remember how to do that lol

I’m a private person so online journaling is not something I feel entirely comfortable doing.  Saying my piece out their for the world to see – really?

I’m not opposed to sitting down over dinner and having a great discussion on the world and all it’s travails but I am not one to share that in an unrestricted open forum. Are you? then you have one up on me.

I know many people who do this on a daily basis – somehow cathartic I suppose – but all my journaling was done in a binder, tucked away in a drawer and not to be shared.

As long as I keep this to education, adult learning, and it’s related themes I suppose I will be able to handle it – but I will not share my deepest darkest secret, my next vacation plans or if my best friend broke up with her boyfriend.

My private life will continue to remain… private


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