Enhanced Learning and Teaching through utilization of web-based technologies

Found this great article on line written by Nader Jarmooz – and posted to e-Learning Industry April 17, 2014.

Article – Enhanced learning and teaching…

The article referenced a program that was created for Forth Valley College which focused on Project Management skills. What struck me about this article was its direct alignment to the structure of 3240 – the course content is managed through Moodle; the assignments, instructions, quizzes, and activities are centrally located through the software.  Th PM course included a forum, also on Moodle, for student collaboration and also two additional pieces of software: Blackboard for shared workspace and Mahara for management of individual e-portfolios.

Another point that struck a cord with me was the importance of aligning the learning content to learner specific goals and objectives. I have heard this statement so many times….”why do I need to learn this – I will never use it on the job”. This program gave the student an immediate tool in which to use in their day-to-day work as assignments were written in such a way that at the completion of the task the learner had a tangible tool that was in direct relation to what they were doing. The learner would be able to see an immediate return on investment and when dealing with adult learners, this type of ROI produces engagement.  As an adult learner, the last thing I want to do is waste my time.

This, to me, is well written and more importantly, well thought out e-learning content geared towards an adult learner.

One of the most useful and informative courses I have taken in this journey through the SIE was Curriculum Development. The tools that I learned in that class are put into use almost every day at my job as I design curriculum for various types of learners; there was an immediate ROI of my time and commitment that was tangible and in direct relation to what I do.

Podcast – Enhanced learning and teaching…

Emotions, Learning and Memory…oh my

So I’ve really been interested in how emotions, memory and learning are aligned. Been doing a lot of research in this area and most of my papers for this class seem to focus on this topic – that and serious games.

I’ve come across some great papers and this really interesting YouTube video that connects emotion to memory and recall.


Can you recall the major events in  your life and the emotional responses around them?

I certainly can. All the “biggies” – my wedding, my milestone birthdays, the death of my mom – all those memories come with associated and corresponding emotions.

What I would like to be able to do is to ensure my e-learning modules harness and tap into these emotions. This is where serious games come into play.

This voice in this link reminds me of War Games with Mathew Broderick lol but the point remains the same.


If e-learning can be written to incorporate serious gaming that stimulates an emotional response in the learner that helps the learner recall lesson – then the objective will have been reached.

Motivation and engagement – what is it but more importantly how do you access it?

How many times have I heard – why do I have to take this – I will never use this in my job – it reminds me of high school – why do I need to learn algebra – it has no real life meaning unless I’m going to be an astronaut? Not much has changed from then until now. Learners are still lamenting the same song – why?

In developing curriculum and e-learning training one of the biggest challenges is how do you motivate the learner to learn in the first place and once you have them, how do you keep them engaged? Developing phenomenal e-learning modules is the goal but a challenge with limited time, corporate constraints and bland branded templates.

This is where gamification can help – I think by making learning less like learning and more like fun learners will want to learn – to start it at least? Why wouldn’t I want to spend an hour playing a game and get paid for it?

Accessibility is another key factor for motivation – if I can use my commuter time to do e-learning as a game – well, I’m playing games anyway to kill time so why not – a good example of extrinsic motivation.

How do you tap into the intrinsic motivators? According to some, extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are at opposite ends of the scale – I disagree. I think they are symbiotic. What motivates me externally motivates me internally – for example – if I get all the words right on my language app, I earn hearts – the more hearts I earn the more competent I feel and the more I feel the more I want to play. The external taps into my internal process of “job well done” and that motivates me to continue.

Small successes – I think that’s the key – don’t make the goal too large or too far away – it’s a case of ongoing wins not one ginormous win– I don’t want to say the proverbially dangling carrot but something along those lines. Keep bringing them back to the water cooler – how may did you score today – I got X – start the competition – make it game – have a learning super bowl. Create the right environment not only within the e-learning module but within the organization itself. But that is topic for another day… how to create a culture of learning within your organization.


Remembering how to…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything to this blog and need to remember how to do that lol

I’m a private person so online journaling is not something I feel entirely comfortable doing.  Saying my piece out their for the world to see – really?

I’m not opposed to sitting down over dinner and having a great discussion on the world and all it’s travails but I am not one to share that in an unrestricted open forum. Are you? then you have one up on me.

I know many people who do this on a daily basis – somehow cathartic I suppose – but all my journaling was done in a binder, tucked away in a drawer and not to be shared.

As long as I keep this to education, adult learning, and it’s related themes I suppose I will be able to handle it – but I will not share my deepest darkest secret, my next vacation plans or if my best friend broke up with her boyfriend.

My private life will continue to remain… private