A summary of my blog

Learning how to create a blog site has been a learning experience all by itself 🙂

I decided to start assignment number 2 first as this will be the central repository of all my collective research for the program.  Having never blogged before, it made sense to have an understanding of the process and how it might work for me going forward.

I’ve enjoyed creating this blog and believe I will continue to use it even after my time with VCC is done.  I have always been a journal writer and this process allows me to not only post my thoughts but add images, resources, links and other blog posts that resonate with me in one spot that I can share with like-minded individuals.

My first two blogs are done and I feel comfortable with the process and confident in the subject matter I have written about.

Part of the assignment is to link the SIE Facebook page to this post – so here it is….



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